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First Day of School

So. My baby starts kindergarten tomorrow. KINDERGARTEN. You might remember this post. So, the day is here. I thought I’d embrace it and set my mind to think I’m going to love this year.
Part of loving the year is loving Dillon’s teacher. I decided to put together a little care package for her for the first day of school.
It simply includes a pencil cup, pens, pencils, and post-it notes, along with some nail polish for her, and an apple, of course. We just wrote a little note that says “I’m so glad you’re my teacher!” Love, Dillon. Simple, but means a lot…hopefully.


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a wreath

so, my front door has been bare since Christmas. really, since i took my Christmas wreath down, which is really just a grapevine wreath with a big gold bow made from some ribbon i found at my granny’s house while we were cleaning it out. so it’s sentimental, but can last for a long time! so, it’s been bare since about march. don’t judge.

as you know, we lost our 5th baby, christian elias, a month ago today. there are several things i’ve wanted to do to remember him, and a wreath on the front door was one of them. a friend of mine who went through a similar experience 2 1/2 years ago has since had 2 babies, and for each baby, she puts a wreath on the door with their name, stats, and birthday. well, i love her wreaths, and since we lost our 4th baby, i had wanted to do a wreath for our 5th, which in turn happened to be christian. so, i made a wreath in honor of christian this weekend.

i didn’t really plan this, but after looking at my wreath, it really stands for our 5 kids. it’s very simple to make this wreath, as well. i took a pool noodle and taped the ends together. then wrapped it in some fabric that i had, hot glueing it as i needed. then i did the same with the wooden “w” (bought at hobby lobby). the cross just kinda came together unexpected, but it’s wrapped in the middle with wire. the “w” and cross are secured on the wreath with wire, then the pendant is just burlap and twine, tied on the wreath. simple. easy


Imagethe cross for christian, and the “w” for our 4th babyImagethe pendant at the top for dillon, isaac and sammyImage

and the side view.

i really love it. new fave for sure.

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a new onsie and some valentine’s teacher gifts

one of my best friends, leah, just had her second babe, a boy. her first is a girl, and her husband’s a huge football fan, so i had to give her some boy-ee, football garb!

also, for another friend who is having her first boy, i put an “A” (ROLL TIDE!) on the little butt of this onsie. sadly, i didn’t get a picture of that one. it was adorable.



i made loaves of bread from this recipe, wrapped them in red seran wrap, some baker’s twine, then tagged them with a heart and a saying of “i ‘knead’ you to be my valentine.” cheesy? yes. did they love it? yes! Image



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things i love on this valentine’s week

there are some new things in my life that i love very much. i used to be one of those girls who was very bitter come valentine’s day. however, the Lord has blessed me very much and i’m happy to say that now, i absolutely love it. i don’t go crazy, like making my kids cards for 14 days leading up to it, but i also like to have a good time with it. 

in our living room, i have yarn wrapped letters that spell love. (much like this). i did those last february and thought “hey, maybe i’ll change an art print in our kitchen and the yarn wrapped letters for each holiday!” well, being the ambitious person i am (insert sarcasm) i did do the print last year, but the letters take for-ev-er. so, i just keep love up year round. well, i wanted to make our home a little festive for the big v day. my man and i already bought an ipad mini, and we’re going to see andrew peterson in memphis on friday night. so, valentine’s day is going to live on in our life for a little while. 

i made this a few weeks ago


the boys love it (they keep calling it the “balentine’s banner and balentine’s cards) and it adds just the right about of pink and red to get me in the mood. also, it’s made me want to love my kids a little more, because “LOVE” is staring me in the face. all you need is some twine, scrapbook paper, and felt (or foam) for the letters. simply cut out your hearts, then cut out the word “love” (i free-handed my letters, but you could definitely print out letters in a fun font and trace them), then string it all together and put it up in your house. voila! easy peasy!


i also love this print 


i got it fro one of my favorite blogs she did (and is planning for it to start back up soon) a meal plan that came with a print each quarter, and i love this print. it makes a lot of sense really. this print has actually taken the place of the holiday print. go figure!


a couple other things i’m loving right now…

my new table


which will seat lots of kids (there’s a leaf that goes in it and we can fit 9 around it!)



Imagei also am LOVING my new cuisinart dutch oven which i got for a steal at tj maxx for $39!



get in my belly!


i hope this valentine’s day brings lots of love your way!! 



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tutorial :: homemade apple sauce

well, apple season has come and it seems that it will stick around for awhile! i LOVE fall and everything about fall (if you haven’t noticed from the previous posts). this year, i’ve been able to get half bushels of apples and i’ve really enjoyed figuring out what to do with them. my boys absolutely love them, my husband loves them, and i love apple sauce. and it is SO easy.

1. peel, core, and slice about 16 apples

2. put them in a bowl of water so they don’t get soft and turn brown while you’re finishing peeling the apples


3. go take a pic of a couple of cuties


4. put all the apples in a pot or saucepan.


5. add 1/2 cup water, 2 tsp. cinnamon, 2 tbls. brown sugar, and 1 tsp vanilla.


6. sauté until the apples are soft and it smells delicious.


7. put everything in a blender or food processor and blend until you reach the consistency that you like.



8. ENJOY! i really love it warmed up with granola in it. it’s SO good!!Image

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a tutorial :: easy dessert

have you ever invited people for dinner, then realized you don’t have dessert covered?

what about invited people over for a birthday dinner and you realized you didn’t have everything you need to make that special cake?

well, you are not alone! i go to the store so much, and it makes me so mad when i’m missing that one ingredient. well, i had a brilliant idea.

remember when the ice cream man used to come to your neighborhood? (sorry i’m asking so many questions!) i always wanted the cookie ice cream sandwich. not just the plain ice cream sandwich, but the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.

so, for my mother-in-law’s birthday celebration, i decided to do just that (because i didn’t have that one item i needed to make a cake!). it was so nice and easy, and we had exactly how many we needed.

all you need to do is make your favorite chocolate chip cookie (tollhouse or pillsbury in a big tub are perfect!), get a tub of your favorite ice cream (we used reece’s peanut butter cup), then put a scoop of ice cream in between two cookies. put all the “pies” in a pyrex dish and cover with seran wrap. freeze for at least 30 minutes, but up to 2 days. bring out and enjoy!!

i’m so sad i didn’t get a picture of my mother-in-law enjoying it. let’s just say that all was inhaled!!

favorite chocolate chip cookies

plus scoop of ice cream

put in freezer


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