a tutorial :: easy dessert

have you ever invited people for dinner, then realized you don’t have dessert covered?

what about invited people over for a birthday dinner and you realized you didn’t have everything you need to make that special cake?

well, you are not alone! i go to the store so much, and it makes me so mad when i’m missing that one ingredient. well, i had a brilliant idea.

remember when the ice cream man used to come to your neighborhood? (sorry i’m asking so many questions!) i always wanted the cookie ice cream sandwich. not just the plain ice cream sandwich, but the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.

so, for my mother-in-law’s birthday celebration, i decided to do just that (because i didn’t have that one item i needed to make a cake!). it was so nice and easy, and we had exactly how many we needed.

all you need to do is make your favorite chocolate chip cookie (tollhouse or pillsbury in a big tub are perfect!), get a tub of your favorite ice cream (we used reece’s peanut butter cup), then put a scoop of ice cream in between two cookies. put all the “pies” in a pyrex dish and cover with seran wrap. freeze for at least 30 minutes, but up to 2 days. bring out and enjoy!!

i’m so sad i didn’t get a picture of my mother-in-law enjoying it. let’s just say that all was inhaled!!

favorite chocolate chip cookies

plus scoop of ice cream

put in freezer


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