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First Day of School

So. My baby starts kindergarten tomorrow. KINDERGARTEN. You might remember this post. So, the day is here. I thought I’d embrace it and set my mind to think I’m going to love this year.
Part of loving the year is loving Dillon’s teacher. I decided to put together a little care package for her for the first day of school.
It simply includes a pencil cup, pens, pencils, and post-it notes, along with some nail polish for her, and an apple, of course. We just wrote a little note that says “I’m so glad you’re my teacher!” Love, Dillon. Simple, but means a lot…hopefully.


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thoughts on :: school days

So, my oldest starts kindergarten, in like 10 days…but who’s counting?! This momma is for sure! I think I’ve been dreaming about this day from the day Ben and I started talking about having kids. And here we are, 8 years later, with our first going to kindergarten. Be still my heart.
Ok, so enough of the sappy ūüėČ I have had many conversations with people about where my kids will actually go to school. When all the common core stuff came out for the state of Tennessee, Ben and I kinda freaked out a little. We didn’t know what it was or if our boys would be so digitalized that they wouldn’t know how to carry on a conversation. However, we stopped. Prayed. Thought about what we really felt like God had laid on our hearts. And remembered…

Our heart is to reach out to our community
We want our kids to be multicultural
We want to be a part of other people’s lives that we wouldn’t normally associate with because of church, neighborhood, or life
We were raised in the public school system and we turned out great (seriously, this one is number 1)

Then, we calmed down a little and called my mom, who is a part of Union University’s teacher education program. She has recently told me that she thinks the common core is one of the best things our education program could do for the state. More confidence is building.
We also looked at homeschooling. My super awesome sister (read hero in every way) home schools not one, but 4 kids, and another one of my mentors/BFF has homeschooled about 6 kids at one time. So,I have it all around me. I talked to them about how and why they decided to homeschool. And they both said “we just knew it was what our family needed.” And I thought “well, why can’t you decide what’s best for my family?” Not really, but kinda. Anyway, we decided to start off by just checking into the public school that we are zoned for. It actually is the same elementary school I went to. We had also checked out one private school here in town, and liked it, so we had a little comparison. When we went, we didn’t see anything different in the public school from the private school we looked at. All of the kindergarten teachers had great classroom management. They had very hands on station type things. The kids were all well behaved. And we went right to the office and were welcomed.
So, we said, “let’s remember why we wanted to do public school in the first place and why we moved where we did (to be zoned for this school), and just go for it.” And so we are.
I have a special Ed degree and had the amazing opportunity to teach for several years prior to having kids. And I hope to teach again someday, but I hope more so to instill in my kids why I am called to be a teacher. To love on the unlovable, to teach the unteachable, and to share the love of Christ with everyone I know.
My prayer for Dillon is just that. That he would be teachable. That he would want to love and be loved. That he would remember everything we have taught him about Christ. And that he would share Christ’s love with everyone he comes in contact with. Not because I think he’s a rock star (even though he is) and I want to throw him to the wolves, but because I believe…we believe…this is the path God has for us at this moment. It may change, and it may not. But we continue to live just like we always have. We live for today because we’re not promised tomorrow.
Here’s to you, Dilly Bar!!!


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::thoughts:: duck dynasty

so, if you haven’t heard,¬†duck dynasty¬†is a pretty popular show right now. my husband and i have only watched a few minutes of it together, however, i watched a marathon with some friends one night while ben was out of town.

i’m still kind of trying to wrap my brain around what is duck dynasty. being raised in the south, and only leaving for one year of my adult life, hearing about guys huntin is second nature to me. my family wasn’t necessarily an “outdoorsy” family. we played sports, did girl scouts and boy scouts, my brother went huntin with friends or my uncle, and we did have one family vacation to fall creek falls. that was an adventure, actually. so, a bunch of guys sitting out in a field talking to their dogs and making fun of each other, just seems like status quo.

as i sat and watched duck dynasty, i thought, “man, this is really hitting close to home!” my mom makes the best rolls in the world, and my sisters and i try and learn from her. all of us have pretty modest houses. we hang out for big family dinners on sunday afternoons for a big lunch after church. we watch football, basketball, baseball, hockey, basically whatever sport is on. and i’m getting more and more southern the older i get.

i say all of this because i think duck dynasty has finally captured what southern life is. i don’t feel like it makes fun of southerners. i think that every man, woman, and child who has ever been huntin, had a sibling who goes huntin, or is the child of a hunter can relate to the duckmen and all the women in their life. there are always going to be things that any family can make fun of. every family has that crazy family member like si. and every family has one sibling who seems to be a little more successful or smart, and one that has a better personality that is a little more social.

although i don’t watch duck dynasty anymore, i can say that i thought it was funny simply because it made me thankful for my family and for the family i’m raising. what if my kids grow up and go huntin with their friends or uncles, and they start a family business, or take over their dad’s business? i would be the proudest mother in the world, as i’m sure miss kay is of her family. so, here’s to wholesome, sometimes funny tv, and one that i sure would be proud of if it were my family.

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Something exciting

We have some exciting news to share!!


I’m due in early November, and are beyond excited.

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New things

So, today, on a whim, my man and I bought an early Valentine’s day present to both of us. A new iPad mini. The crazy thing about getting an iPad is that I thought I knew everything about iPads. I don’t. I don’t know anything. So, I know the main apps like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and those. I don’t know the good apps for preschoolers and kindergarteners. I don’t know that one app you can’t live without. Please do share.

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books i’m loving right now

one of my favorite blogs, emily at jones design co., had book week this past week with a linky party. i feel like she and i would be friends if we lived in the same city.

for awhile now, i’ve wanted to do a post on some of my favorite children’s bibles, as well as some of my favorite parenting/mothering books. this might be funny, because i don’t like to read. some people LOVE it, and just drift into lala land while they’re reading. me? i need to be doing something. i have the hardest time just sitting there reading, unless i’m on the beach. then, i’ll read an entire novel in a week, when it’s hard for me to read a 150 page book in 4 weeks at home. go figure.

anyway, our bedtime routine is a pretty important part of our day. the boys love for us to lay down with them (when we can, which is most nights) and sing “my maker”, “bless the Lord”, and “Jesus loves me” (or “bible” as s calls it), and we also pray together and read the bible.

Image     Image     Image

our favorite and most loved children’s bible is “the Jesus storybook bible” every story in this bible points to Christ, and that’s just how we do church. no matter what text our pastor is preaching on, it always points to Christ. so, obviously, we were on board with this one. this bible is good for 18 month olds-6 year olds. we’ve used it from day 1 with our boys, and right now, all of them still love it, even though we’ve read through multiple times.

we also love “the beginning reader’s bible“. this bible is scripture, plus it has a “pray God’s word” section, a “remember God’s word” section, and a “do God’s word” section. so, it’s great to memorize scripture together, and sometimes do the activity the next day and be able to talk about the story we read the night before. we like this one for 3-8 year olds. since it’s straight scripture, sometimes it’s hard for the little ones to maintain their attention through the whole story. the pictures in it are wonderful, though. good illustrations are really important to us in any book we get for our kids.

the last one that we love, and that i hope we do from time to time, is “sammy and his shepherd“. this book is a fictional story that is based on psalm 23. we learned psalm 23 as a family while doing this. it was so great to see the lightbulbs go off in our kids’ heads while we were asking them questions about the story to relate it to everyday life. this book is good for 4-12 year olds. it’s a chapter book, but the chapters are only a couple pages long. however, there’s not a lot of pictures, so it’s harder to hold the littler kids attention. also, the discussion questions are pretty advanced, but can be asked in easier ways for younger kids.

i think i’ll do a different post with my favorite mothering/parenting books. this one is full enough! what do you do for bible reading time with your family? is there a certain routine you follow, or scripture reading plan? let us know in the comments!


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7 years

the mister and i shared our anniversary yesterday of 7 years. 7 years seems like so little time to so many people, but i’ll say it as my mom did last night “7 years. whew! doesn’t seem like that long!” i was so thankful to hear those words. it seems as though we have been together forever, and at the same time, i can’t wait to see what comes our way for the rest of our life!

ben and i have a lot of amazing conversations. some are about¬†dumb and dumber¬†or other silly things, and some are about life, and why we do what we do. we are destined to be selfish people. i don’t know anyone who is totally unselfish. i know a lot of people that come close, but we realized at dinner last night that our selfishness or unselfishness is all part of being married. that’s what love is. love is not conditional. we can’t ask our spouse to love us only a certain way. sometimes it’s good for us to tell them what we like or need, but we have to know that that is not always the way that our spouse will choose to show us love.

and we love them through that.

i’m no expert on marriage, but one thing i’m very thankful for is the way my discipleship has grown since meeting ben. ben could tell me something, and i would believe it. if someone else told me something, i’d take it or leave it, or have to figure it out on my own. marriage is a picture of what Christ has done for us. we daily die to ourselves in marriage. it might not be huge, but it does have to happen on both sides of a marriage. Christ died for us on the cross. the least i could do is die to myself in marriage, or any other relationship that comes my way. scripture says “7¬†Dear friends, let us love one another,¬†for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God¬†and knows God.8¬†Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” (1 john 4:7-8)

when i think about love like this, it makes me want to love more.

i love you, ben williams. here’s to the rest of our life together.

on our honeymoon in new hampshire
at the beach, 3 weeks ago
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