What’s In a Name :: #shesharestruth

I’ve been participating in a study on Ruth over at she reads truth. I’ve read Ruth lots of times over my Christian life, and it’s one of my favorite books, but this year, it’s taken on a whole new meaning for me.
My husband, Ben, is an elder at our church. He leads worship there and we pretty much love our church like we love our family. When I married Ben, I took on the last name Williams instead of continuing to be a Myatt. Now, when I was a Myatt, I thought a lot of things about myself. I thought I had to live up to expectations that weren’t even there, and at one point, really thought, “I wish I could just be myself instead of being a Myatt!” (I was dumb, if you’re reading this mom or dad!!) However, when Ben and I were dating, he was talking to one of the other elders at church and said “I just don’t know if I need to marry janie.” Walton looked at him and said (mostly because he works with my dad) “look. If you marry Janie Myatt, you’re making a wise decision.” He said that because my last name was Myatt.
Now, my last name is Williams. And many people say “oh you’re Ben’s wife!” Or “I’m so glad to finally meet Dillon’s mom!” And I’m so proud of that. The bad thing is that it is my identity though too. I have put my identity in many things…kids, my husband, my ministries, my friends (just to name the top 4). When we were pregnant with Christian and baby, I was so glad God entrusted me to have another child. I never would have imagined that my identity would be the same it was the year before, with still 3 earthly children. I don’t say that for you to say “poor janie. She’s such a good mom. I don’t understand it either.” I say that because had my identity been in my 5 boys instead of in Christ, I would be in the pits right now. Because my identity is in Christ, I will choose to wait on Him. I will choose joy even when it’s hard, and I will choose to be Janie, follower of Christ, lover of Jesus, even if my world is torn down around me.
Think about Ruth and Naomi. I can’t imagine Naomi’s heartache when she lost not just her husband, but both of her sons as well?! And Ruth, losing her husband, chooses to look after her mother in law even when Naomi is telling her to go! Talk about sacrifice and finding your identity in Christ! Not only does she care for Naomi, she also begs for her wisdom. She waits on Boaz, so that she can do the right thing. And I don’t think it’s just her saying “i have to be good.” I think she truly is waiting on her kinsman redeemer who will eventually be Christ.
I hope I can be that kind of woman. The kind that puts others feelings and needs before my own. The kind that always waits on The Lord. I hope when people see me, they see Christ. And I hope my children do too. She we named our kids, I believe their names came from Christ. They are each (except Christian) named for a grandfather or great grandfather, plus a name we liked. Dillon means faithful, Isaac means laughter, and Sammy’s middle name is Evan, which means “God is gracious”, and Christian Elias means “of Christ, Jehovah is my God.” I pray God uses my boys to live up to their name but that they ultimately look to Him and that their identity will be found in them.
I’m glad I’m a daughter of The King, who holds my life in His hands.



One thought on “What’s In a Name :: #shesharestruth

  1. Lauren says:

    Got here through SRT. Thanks for sharing your heart. This has been a great study! 🙂

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