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a birthday party :: two at the zoo

thursday, my baby turned 2. TWO! i can’t believe that i don’t have any kids under the age of 2 at this point. that hasn’t happened in 5 years, ya’ll. anyway, we celebrated our wonderful big boy with lots of parties and still have one to go tomorrow.

i’ll focus mostly on his friend party that we had here. i like to have a theme for any party that i’m throwing, so for this one, i went with the “two at the zoo” theme. i wish that we could’ve gone to the zoo to celebrate sammy, but it just didn’t happen this year. oh well. maybe next time. 

Image the big two year old. he’s one of the cheesingest boys i know.

Image with the brothers. of course, someone had to be dressed in superhero/transformer form

Image the spread for the party. the banner was made from these martha stewart animals. then, we had hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie straws, trail mix, carrots, apples, and animal crackers, along with chocolate cupcakes.

Image party animals. i made the hats out of scrapbook paper and twine. maybe i’ll post a how to soon.

Image giraffe food (carrots), bat food (apples), and bear food (trail mix)

Image “snake juice” (strawberry kiwi kool-aid and other drinks for the adults.) 

Image party elephant. i just can’t help but love this.

Image this was the best pic i got with him all day. oh well!

Image happy birthday to you, sammy!

ImageImage i think he likes it

Image party giraffe


Imagetwo of the littles playing with the party animals. 

thanks everyone for loving on my family so much!! we love you, sammy! you bring so much joy to daddy and my life. 


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an amazing wedding

some of you may know this, and some of you don’t, but i love coordinating weddings. i have done it for about 5 years just for friends or people who are getting married at our church, and i’ve decided that when all of our kids are in school, i’ll market myself a little more. all that to say, first of all, if you or someone you know is getting married, please send them my way.

in december, i was privileged to coordinate a good friend’s wedding at belle meade plantation in nashville. let me just tell you. this place is amazing. the setting for the wedding was in the stables, with the reception in the carriage house. keely and aaron were so intentional about every detail that it made this wedding one of my favorite weddings to be a part of (if i’ve coordinated your wedding, do i tell everyone that?!). if you’re interested in having your wedding at belle meade, just click here and follow the steps to having a fairy tale wedding.

as i looked through the pictures done by elia photography, i thought “so many people would want to pin everything about this wedding!” so, without furter adieu, pin away everyone!

Imagebeautiful place settings with a wonderful scroll reading “bon appetite.”

Imageflower girl and ring bearer being pulled in a wagon with a banner “here comes the bride”

Imagethe bridal party table. swags and flowers done by aaron’s wonderful aunt. this farm table looked like a clip out of restoration hardward

Imagewonderful hanging Edison bulb chandelier.

Imagefirst look for the bride and groom. wedding dress handmade by merideth holder. (did i mention she makes amazing pottery, too?)

Imageamazing cake done by the amazing lisa garner

Imagebeautiful setting in front of the mansion. this wedding party was so much fun to work with


a picture timeline of this amazing couple for guests to admire as they walked in.

thanks, aaron and keely for letting me be a part of your amazing day! i can’t wait to see what this next chapter of life holds for you two! xoxo

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a superhero party

my two older boys’ birthdays are 2 1/2 weeks apart. they are in turn 11 1/2 months apart 😉 we always get a good laugh from people when we tell them that. especially when they’ve just met us or when they’ve just met the boys. it’s one of those things where people go “oh, wow! a surprise? huh?!” and then, we’re like, well, yeah. kinda. but, i do have to say that i wouldn’t trade it for the world. they are the best of friends. neither one remembers life without the other. they’ve always shared a room, they’re starting to share clothes and shoes, they share friends, and i have a feeling in about 10 or 12 years, they’ll be sharing a car (or our minivan). 

anyway, they’re birthdays are from thanksgiving to the second week of december, and mine is the week in between theirs. so this year, i decided to have their birthday party at the beginning of november. this way, it spreads out the gift giving from Christmas (we’ll still do donuts and presents on their birthdays) and it makes me a little more sane. maybe i’ll get to go out for dinner for my birthday or something. 

they are all about superheroes this year. they LIVE in their dash, spiderman, ironman, batman, and bumblebee (the transformer) costumes. so, what better way to celebrate my big 4 and 5 year old than with a superhero party? i do hate to say that i was not as good at taking pictures of the process as i normally am, but the day of the party was captured really well. 


the birthday boys!


what happens when you bring together a dozen boys all under the age of 5? a LOT of fun!!!



the table. superhero signs painted with acrylic paint and old pizza boxes.



superhero capes as party favors for all the little dudes with their initials on them



they sprayed villains with silly string. this was the best game for sure. 


superhero sugar cookies and “crime fighting kool-aid”Image 

up-close of sugar cookies. ironman, captain america, and spiderman. i used these cookie cutters and royal icing to decorate them. 


power fighting go-gurt and POP corn


 first game: walking over lava.


putting the kryptonite where it belongs


spraying the villains with silly string


working hard!


happy birthday!!



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fall fun :: a pumpkin baby shower

do ya’ll love fall as much as i do? fall is so new, just like spring, to me. i want to change all my decor, play outside more, buy new clothes, and make new recipes. we’ve already had fun at a pumpkin patch and a pumpkin baby shower.

the fall baby shower happened to be on the first day of autumn and it was a great fall day. the mom to be is a friend of mine who we go to church with. she’s expecting her first, a boy! i’m so thankful for this family and pray that God blesses them beyond what they could imagine. here’s the showdown.

the mantle was decorated with a bulap banner with fabric spelling baby, and a big letter “c” covered in fabric

the spread: apple cake, veggies in mini ball jars, mini pumpkin chocolate cheesecakes, sausage balls, and cheese ball with crackers
veggies were set on stumps, and the centerpiece was pumpkins and gourds with sticks coming out.

apple cider and water station


some of the ladies at the shower


the new mom to be listening to the blessing given by a dear friend


sweet baby jones. isn’t he a doll!?


a tutorial :: easy dessert

have you ever invited people for dinner, then realized you don’t have dessert covered?

what about invited people over for a birthday dinner and you realized you didn’t have everything you need to make that special cake?

well, you are not alone! i go to the store so much, and it makes me so mad when i’m missing that one ingredient. well, i had a brilliant idea.

remember when the ice cream man used to come to your neighborhood? (sorry i’m asking so many questions!) i always wanted the cookie ice cream sandwich. not just the plain ice cream sandwich, but the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.

so, for my mother-in-law’s birthday celebration, i decided to do just that (because i didn’t have that one item i needed to make a cake!). it was so nice and easy, and we had exactly how many we needed.

all you need to do is make your favorite chocolate chip cookie (tollhouse or pillsbury in a big tub are perfect!), get a tub of your favorite ice cream (we used reece’s peanut butter cup), then put a scoop of ice cream in between two cookies. put all the “pies” in a pyrex dish and cover with seran wrap. freeze for at least 30 minutes, but up to 2 days. bring out and enjoy!!

i’m so sad i didn’t get a picture of my mother-in-law enjoying it. let’s just say that all was inhaled!!

favorite chocolate chip cookies

plus scoop of ice cream

put in freezer


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homemade cupcakes

Imagefor my parents’ anniversary party, i made homemade oreo and homemade blueberry cupcakes. i was scared out of my mind, but they really just took a little love and patience, and some great help from my friend, lisa.

i ordered these great cupcake liners from if you don’t “plum”, you totally should, especially if you’re crafty. they are bakeable, and make it that much more festive. i used this recipe for the oreo cupcakes, except i did a cream cheese frosting with a mini oreo on top. for the blueberry ones, i used this recipe. it turned out so cute and i was able to get some baking skills on. now, i feel really confident for birthday parties 😉

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parties, parties, everwhere

my parents are so blessed to be celebrating 40 years of marital bliss this month. so, we, as their children, decided to throw them a big ol party to show them just how much people love them. i’m so blessed to have them as parents and to have been raised with Godly parents. their marriage represents Christ and the church in so many different ways. and i for one have loved watching their love for each other grow more and more as they age. what a blessing to love your spouse more after 40 years of marriage than you did on the day you married. gives me chills.

when we were choosing a theme, i googled 40th anniversary and realized it is the ruby anniversary. so, we decided on a ruby and burlap color scheme. my mom has a wonderful friend that is so good with flowers. we asked if she would be willing to help us with the centerpieces. she outdid herself. most of the flowers were grown in her garden and she took off with the ruby theme. we just wanted some snacky things for the food, so we opted for cupcakes (made by your’s truly), cucumber sandwiches, watermelon, junior mints in monogrammed cones, bagel chips with hummus, and fruit tea and water to drink. simple, but classy. (that’s a great way to describe my parents, too)

here are some pics from the party. enjoy!

“guest book”
what a great day!
photo booth with props. i love my boys!!!
my mom, sister, and me. if i have a fourth of the wisdom that these ladies do, i’ll be doing well in life.
40 facts from 40 years done by my amazing sister in law
wedding party…40 years later!
 my moms wedding dress displayed
flower arrangements done by anna clifford
table scape
my wonderful family
ruby cones filled with junior mints
oreo cupcakes and blueberry cupcakes
the whole crew
 through the years with sam and dottie
my parents wedding/engagement photos, along with their parents’ wedding pictures and a picture from last year of my parents.
through the years with mom and dad…adding 3 children, 3 children-in-law, and 11 grandchildren. whew!!!
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