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i have a very special place in my heart for adoption. when i was a senior in high school, i traveled to brazil on my first overseas mission trip. i didn’t know what the Lord would have in store for me while i was there. i worked at an orphanage for a week solid, and LOVED the children that were there. when it came time for our last day, two of the girls gave me their prized stuffed animals. i still have one of them at least. they were so selfless and loved that we came to hang out with them and minister to them in a real way.

that same summer, i did a mission week in my home town of jackson, tn. we did back yard bible clubs (or vacation bible school) with some kids that lived all over jackson. one of the girls in my group was mentally retarded. i fell in love. she was deaf and i don’t know ASL, but somehow, we found a way to communicate. it was then that i felt like God was calling me to ministry of some kind.

before i met my husband, i thought that i would always adopt a child from the states, simply because my heart is in domestic missions. well, when ben and i met, i mentioned adoption and he kinda said “well, i never thought that i would adopt.” i was a little shocked, and felt a little let down (but not enough not to marry him!). i had no idea, though, how God would actually change my heart from wanting to adopt, to wanting to help people who are adopting and are called to that.

my sister and brother-in-law adopted their fourth child from russia almost 2 years ago. this boy is just wonderful. i love him so much, and fell in love with him the minute i saw him, too. my best friend, glenna and her husband william, adopted a boy from missouri about 4 years ago, and are now in the process of adopting one or more child/ren from ethiopia. i love their little boy, and already love their future children. for william and glenna’s adoption, i decided to help raise a little money by making fabric rolled earrings and selling them for $10 a pair. well, it was one of the most successful things i’ve ever done! since then, i’ve raised money for another family, and hope to continue to raise money for more families that are in need with the purpose of adoption.

i love how the Lord uses me to minister to these families. i continue to pray that He will keep using me. one of those ways is this little shop i’ve created. head on over here and let me know if you’d like to purchase a pair of earrings. you can email me at adoreadornadopt@gmail.com. also, if you know anyone who is adopting, or if you are adopting, email me a little summary of who you are, why you’re adopting, and where you’re adopting from. maybe adore. adorn. adopt. will be your next fundraiser.

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