why i love having a 5 year old

having a 5 year old has changed our lives.

he can shower by himself.

he can pour himself juice and completely get himself a snack.

he can get his little brother up from his nap and tell him it’s time to wake up.

he can behave when we have friends over for dinner.

he can sit and watch a movie without getting bored.

he can have great conversation:

d: “that honey badger is like me because he’s gage.”

daddy: “he’s gage?”

d: “yeah, just like me. like my face.”

daddy: “oh, you mean beige?”

good thing, because the honey badger was gray. ha!

i love my little toddlers, but i also love having bigger kids that love to help their momma in everything and are really helpful. here’s to every stage of motherhood!



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