the most happiest time of the year

december means one thing in our family…celebrations! 3 our of the 5 of us have birthdays between december 4 and december 29. and one of the others boys’ birthday is around thanksgiving. so, needless to say, we are busy celebrating.

we also celebrate advent every year. our church celebrates with a different family lighting each candle and doing a devotional on that specific theme: joy, love, peace, hope, and Christ. the boys look forward to seeing who will light the candle and when their friends are in front of everyone, they really listen well. we’ve chosen to celebrate advent a little differently at home. in the past, we’ve done versions of the jesse tree, but this year, we wanted a more hands on approach so our kids could relate Christ to every day life. my hubby found this reading plan on his you version bible app. the boys have loved it. it really has helped us to be able to talk about the faith and following Christ in a different way, other than reading the stories they’ve heard over and over again. i highly recommend it. and lastly, we are trying (“trying”) to do random acts of Christmas kindness (RACK). i got the idea from here and thought, “oh, this is great!” but, it’s very hard to actually make myself do this every day. i’ve definitely been convicted of my attitude this season, and that’s a good thing.

all of these things are good things. they tend to make me want to celebrate more as a family. we believe that family worship or reading scripture together is very important. we want our kids to know Christ the same way that we do. all of these things make me very happy and make me want to explain Christ more to our kids.

that’s why it’s the happiest time of the year.

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3 thoughts on “the most happiest time of the year

  1. carrie jones says:

    i love that reading plan!! Once we get home, Christmas is over, anniversary is over, and birthday is over, I plan to sit down and look into it more for next year. I bet there’s one for Lent also?

  2. Debby says:

    Your Christmas/Advent traditions sound awesome! Glad you got to celebrate so many birthdays, too. What a fun month for your family!

  3. […] i want to be more intentional. i think that this has been brewing for sometime. as posted on my last post, we did RACKs 2012 for advent. that was my first attempt at being more intentional. since then, […]

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