a superhero party

my two older boys’ birthdays are 2 1/2 weeks apart. they are in turn 11 1/2 months apart 😉 we always get a good laugh from people when we tell them that. especially when they’ve just met us or when they’ve just met the boys. it’s one of those things where people go “oh, wow! a surprise? huh?!” and then, we’re like, well, yeah. kinda. but, i do have to say that i wouldn’t trade it for the world. they are the best of friends. neither one remembers life without the other. they’ve always shared a room, they’re starting to share clothes and shoes, they share friends, and i have a feeling in about 10 or 12 years, they’ll be sharing a car (or our minivan). 

anyway, they’re birthdays are from thanksgiving to the second week of december, and mine is the week in between theirs. so this year, i decided to have their birthday party at the beginning of november. this way, it spreads out the gift giving from Christmas (we’ll still do donuts and presents on their birthdays) and it makes me a little more sane. maybe i’ll get to go out for dinner for my birthday or something. 

they are all about superheroes this year. they LIVE in their dash, spiderman, ironman, batman, and bumblebee (the transformer) costumes. so, what better way to celebrate my big 4 and 5 year old than with a superhero party? i do hate to say that i was not as good at taking pictures of the process as i normally am, but the day of the party was captured really well. 


the birthday boys!


what happens when you bring together a dozen boys all under the age of 5? a LOT of fun!!!



the table. superhero signs painted with acrylic paint and old pizza boxes.



superhero capes as party favors for all the little dudes with their initials on them



they sprayed villains with silly string. this was the best game for sure. 


superhero sugar cookies and “crime fighting kool-aid”Image 

up-close of sugar cookies. ironman, captain america, and spiderman. i used these cookie cutters and royal icing to decorate them. 


power fighting go-gurt and POP corn


 first game: walking over lava.


putting the kryptonite where it belongs


spraying the villains with silly string


working hard!


happy birthday!!



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