a tisket, a tasket

what is a tasket? please feel free to let me know.

well, spring is definitely in the air at the williams house. we are busy busy busy. i love spring-time however. everyone is in a better mood, i’m outside with my neighbors until 8:00 (because that’s when the sun is officially gone), great consignment sales abound (and yard sales) more houses go on the market, and flowers and trees are in full bloom everywhere. as of late, when we have been getting in the car, i’m sure to here “WOAH!!!!” out of isaac’s mouth (because of pretty flowers) and “there’s some pink ones, momma” from dillon. i love how in tune they are with the changing of the seasons. also, i would love to hear who still reads our blog. please comment, or email, or facebook me and let me know who you are!!!

this week is Holy Week. Palm sunday is today and we are very busy with our church. ben is still leading worship here part-time, and honestly, we just love how they focus so much on Christ’s life, and how all of scripture points to Christ. i have been looking forward to Holy Week because we do a huge feast called the Jesus feast on Maundy Thursday (thursday before easter). this is the end of the lenten season, the beginning of Eastertide. my heart overflowed this morning at church as i sat and thought about the people that actually saw Christ’s face as he rode in on a donkey, down a narrow alley, with palmbranches laid before him. at CCC, we march around the church waving palms. well, this year, dillon really got to enjoy the palms. as he played with his branch all through church (and even got into trouble with it a little), it reminded me of childlike faith. i want to have faith like a child. that everything is great. that i can trust the Lord with everything because He is going to take care of it all. these are things i am processing right now this week. as we approach Good Friday, i know my heard is going to be super heavy. i can hear the gonging of the bell that one of the guthries rings on our Good Friday service now, and my heart fills with pain to know that Christ was in SO much agony for me alone. He is the reason we have Easter. so many people think that “Jesus is the reason for the season.” don’t get me wrong, i agree with this statement, but i think it should be more like “Jesus is why we have any season at all.” (even though that doesn’t really rhyme)

anyway, these are just things i have been thinking about lately. dillon and isaac continue to amaze us everyday. God has truly blessed us with wonderful children, who love other people, who love scripture (already), and who obey. i take this for granted way too much. they are growing so much daily and are such a joy. here’s a few pics from the previous month and a half. enjoy.

hanging out with baby eli

playing on the stairs at grandpa’s and granny’s
always a blast with aunt jen jen!! @stone mountain
“who me?”

big boy hair!!
two peas in a pod
reading with grandpa
oh my word
this is what happens when you have a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old and you let them play on the hill 😉
first time with a spoon by himself. there was more oatmeal on him than in his belly 😉

3 thoughts on “a tisket, a tasket

  1. Bailey says:

    i love the picts! tell the boys I miss them!

  2. The Jesters says:

    I love the photo of those muddy jeans! Gotta love boys + dirt! 🙂

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