oh, how i love fall. our windows have been open now for a solid week. it has only rained once, and i planted some catalillies today, along with enjoying a pumpkin spice latte. yes!! obviously, we love fall!!! the boys are getting so big. as i type this, they are laughing hysterically at each other, playing by themselves in their room. their favorite thing to do is crawl under isaac’s bed, one at one end, one at the other, and laugh hysterically at each other! now, they are playing the harmonica with each other. dillon is holding it up to isaac’s mouth and blowing in and out for him. oh my word, they are SO MUCH FUN!!!! just wanted to update you on some new things. i’ll timeline the pictures as they go, so you don’t have to guess šŸ˜‰
on another note, isaac is having tubes put in on wednesday. the poor guy. he has had an ear infection is whole life except for about a month and a half since the time he was 6 weeks old. we’re so glad that he won’t be in anymore pain, and we loved the e.n.t that we went to. it isn’t a long procedure. the doc said that if he was under for 15 minutes, that was a long time. i felt better about that statement šŸ™‚ please pray for us on wednesday morning about 8:00. i will let everyone know how everything goes.
now onto the pictures šŸ˜‰
isaac is only taking 2 bottles/day (praise Jesus). this was his first attempt at spaghetti. i think he liked it. sadly, we did not get an after picture; however, he did go straight to the tub šŸ˜‰

these are two of isaac’s friends. all these guys’ birthdays are within 7 weeks of each other. these girls are so much fun. we have to save this one for the wedding slideshow šŸ˜‰
today, we went to the pumpkin patch in milan. dillon has been FASCINATED with pumpkins since we got him a little bitty one at the farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago. then, nette nette took him to get one and he would sit on the front porch and HUG his pumpkin! ha! we decided he needed a few more, but don’t worry, we only ended up with 4, one of which is a gourd šŸ™‚
daddy and his boys
sweet isaac. how can you resist that face?
brothers. it was really hard getting them to smile at the same time. isaac will smile at just about anything; dillon, on the other hand, only wants to smile when he wants to.

there’s a good “CHEEEESE!”

and another one. my little boy is getting SO big!! can you believe he will be TWO in just two short months!?!?! i CAN’T!!!!
i want this one, momma!! (we didn’t get that one, though).
LOVE it!!! daddy and izzi (long i at the beginning, long e sound at the end) bear
what a great way to finish out a great day!?!?! i hope you can enjoy fall as much as we have today! love to all!!

One thought on “fall

  1. The Jesters says:

    I love reading about your boys' personalities on your blog, Janie. You have such a sweet family, and I'm glad that Isaac was able to get the ear tubes to help cut down all his infections!

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