well, well, well…

look who decided to blog again? ha ha! i have been so busy with bug-a-roo and family coming into town, i have had no time to blog! but, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! a new post! (i’m totally kidding, by the way)

anyway, the boys are growing SO much and, to be honest, i have been playing and playing with them, that i haven’t gotten any video or pictures lately of either one! they are both at such a fun age right now…a somewhat trying age, but fun! isaac is rolling over and doesn’t quite know what to do after he rolls, but he’ll figure it out soon! and dillon is saying so many words, i can’t even count them all! it is just SO MUCH FUN!!! at isaac’s 6 month check up, he weighed just under 18 pounds and he is eating baby food 3 times a day now. sometimes dillon thinks he needs to show isaac how it’s done, but i tell him to save that for ball throwing and slip and sliding 😉 dillon hasn’t had to go to the doc since his last check up at 15 months! he is 18 months old already!!! this time next year, he will just be a 2 year old! not a ___ month old!! he is running everywhere, into everything, and wants to help me with everything as well! i asked him to get me a burp cloth this morning and he came back with TWO wipes (i’ll settle for wipes!). he’s going to be such a big brother to isaac! he already is!! they both light up when they see each other! we have also had the elmo splash pad out a time or two and dillon LOVES it. the water was a little cold for isaac, but we have a baby pool that will be making it’s debut next week! dillon LOVES the water and isaac LOVES the bath and pool, so i don’t know why he wouldn’t like the baby pool!

a couple of weeks ago, ben’s mom and step dad and step sister came to visit and paint the outside of our house! it looks SO good! (again, sorry there’s no pics of it right now…i need to get on that this afternoon!) they also have decided to move to jackson!! they have a contract on a house here and we are SO thankful that they’re going to be closer to us! they also have a contract on their house in oklahoma…they will be here in just about a month! how fun!!

also, my brother and his family have been here this week! it’s been a fun-filled week at mimi and papa’s house! all the cousins are loving playing together and my boys LOVE hanging out with mimi and papa! i will post some pictures of those guys after they leave. we have a few more adventures to take while they’re here, so that should be fun 😉

ben and i are looking forward to going to see wicked, the musical, at the orpheum next friday night! mom and dad have been gracious enough to give us tickets to go see wicked and keep the boys for the night! we (janie) are SO excited!! i can’t wait!!!!!! we are also going to cleveland, oh, for a williams family reunion of sorts. ben’s aunt sandy is turning 60 so we’re all going out to wish her many happy returns! we can’t wait to see all those people and for most of them to meet the boys! it will be a blast! then, in august, we’ll be headed to atlanta to see grandpa and granny (and hopefully aunt jen jen and auntie lindsey!).

ben and i have been so blessed as of late! bwcreative is doing so well right now! ben is about to move into his own office space that is only about a mile or so away from the house. God is really doing some great things for us and we don’t really understand it. bug-a-roo is also doing very very well! between raising a family and these two businesses, we have been so busy, but God is so faithful. He’s really teaching us about discipline right now in every area of life. although it’s hard, it’s also very good knowing that we are in His will and being SO sure of that for the first time in two years. God is so good.

i want to leave you with the most recent photos i have of the boys. i love them so much!


2 thoughts on “well, well, well…

  1. The Jesters says:

    Great update, Janie! That's exciting that Ben's family is moving to Jackson!

  2. you are going to LOVE wicked. so fun.

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