a little update is needed

well, this has been one fun-filled march, thus far! we have had visits from grandpa, grammy, pawpaw, aunt nette, uncle jim, aunt jen jen, auntie lindsey, aunt hopey, and also mimi and papa! mercy!!! that’s our entire family just about! anyway, i did not get many pictures of any of these visits, so if you have some, please send them to me as i need to document this most amazing month 😉
on other notes, let’s start with dillon. he is now 15 months old and i CANNOT believe it! we are still trying to just have room time in the morning, although most mornings, it turns into a little nap for the big guy. but, our lunches are a little nicer even if he sleeps for 20 minutes. i’m sure that you other moms of 15 month olds know what i’m talking about! he is getting more and more fun everyday. he’s officially walking as long as he is already standing up. he hasn’t quite figured out how to stand from sitting, but i know it just takes time. however, this kid is talking up a storm!!! saturday, mimi and papa kept the boys for ben and me so that we could go to dinner and a movie (YES!) and when we drove up to mimi and papa’s gate, he said “papa!” i think he loves his papa! he continues to love melmo (elmo) and talks about him and says his name anytime he sees him…in a book, on tv, as a stuffed animal…whatever! he also says “cool”, “whoa”, “ball”, “balloon”, just to name a few. i’m attaching a little video of some of his fave words he likes to say right now. we are so blessed to have dillon in our life!!

ok, now for isaac! there is a reason we named him isaac. it means “son of laughter” and he has been smiling and making us laugh for his entire life! well, now HE is laughing SO much and it’s SO much fun! he is also down to 5 feedings a day (yes, this is what we talk about with a 4 month old!!) and it makes mommy’s life a little bit easier. he has also started drooling quite a bit (dillon drooled for 7 solid months before he cut his first tooth, so i’m not expecting anything too soon) and he’s in the beginning stages of putting things in his mouth. he’s rolled from his stomach to back a few times and he’s rolled up on his sides making us think he’s about to roll completely over. it will be soon, i’m sure 😉 here’s a video of daddy’s favorite thing to do with isaac right now. only this was taken a couple weeks ago and he is laughing even more now! at least you get the idea. we are also SO blessed to have this amazing little boy in our life!! God has truly given us two of the best kids in the WHOLE ENTIRE world!

as for me and ben, we’re doing well. we continue to LOVE our community we are in and are just praying for God’s leading right now with what will be next in our life. my side bizz has kept me busy this month, which we are VERY thankful for, and ben has been quite busy as well with his business. if you ever need anything for a new baby or some design, you know who to call!! also, a little plug for my sister. she has started a new business as well with REALLY cute wall decor for kids! here is her site. we hope everyone is doing well! thanks for checking in with us! we’d love to hear from you soon!


3 thoughts on “a little update is needed

  1. Janie!! They are SO GREAT! I can’t believe how grown up Dillon is! I love to watch him walk. It made me laugh that when you said milk and juice, he wanted some. :)And I love Isaac’s laughs and smiles. They are precious!

  2. first of all i just have to say the dillon is so big. ahh they are adorable. second, i told you about that zipper pouch thing. check out this little tutorial. i think youll like it. http://www.skiptomylou.org/2009/01/14/how-to-make-a-lined-zipper-pouch-tutorial/

  3. Oh, my nephews are SO CUTE!! I like to think Dillon refuses to say my name because he’s so caught up missing his dear auntie. I’m coming soon, Dillon!!!

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