well, you might wonder what this post is going to be about. i just spent 47 minutes catching up on my friends’ blogs (all listed to the right) and realized that the last time i blogged was on december 27! holy cow! i don’t even know what today’s date is, but i DO know that it’s january 12, 13, or 14. that’s not too bad for a mom of two kids under 1! i also know that dillon is 13 months old and is as great as ever, and that isaac is about to be 2 months old! what in the world?!?!?! we have spent the last couple of weeks just trying to get back in the swing of things. my friends have apparently all been doing the same after some long-winded Christmas trips and new babies and such. so, i guess i’m just one of the many who feel guilty for not blogging. honestly, this is my first accident. why do i really care about how many times i post in a month? i really WANT to be one of those cool moms who puts up sewing patterns that i’ve tried, and recipes (but since it just took me 4 times to spell it right, i should probably steer clear of that), and things i want my children to do, i’m realizing that i have too little time in a day to feed two growing boys (real food for one, mommy’s food for another) tidy a house, take a dog out, try and not leave isaac in his bouncy seat all day, AND love on my husband, for crying out loud. i’m not going on a rant against people who have time to do that, i really with i was you. i’m really ranting that i need to NOT worry about that and focus on those things that evidently are happening one way or another because it’s been 3 weeks since i’ve blogged! anyway, there’s my first accident…
the second accident is one that we were actually in. it’s so funny, because it seems that it never even happened. i think i’ve told 3 people about this, my sister, mom, and my friend, stacy. so, for those relatives who are reading this who don’t know about it, sorry. it really seems like it didn’t happen…so for the story. ben and i wanted to get out of the house last week. i needed to make a return to best buy and we had chick-fil-a coupons. so, we were exiting to get on vann drive, waiting for a car to pass, when we were rear-ended! both boys screamed, ben and i didn’t really know what had happened, except that we had been hit. so, ben pulled out of traffic onto the shoulder and the girl that hit us TOOK OFF! little did we know, our car was hardly damaged at all (praise Jesus), but we didn’t know what to do, so i called the cops while trying to calm down dillon. they were keeping up with where we were. this girl had run before i want to believe, because she was going 60-65 down some neighborhood roads. long story short, we lost her, went to a public parking lot to meet the cops, and realized that had she stopped, we would have never even called the police!! so, basically, ben and i were just really mad at teenagers in general, we went through the drive through and chick-fil-a and headed home. then, we got home, turned on the new season of scrubs (we love that show, and it’s on again tonight), and ben got a phone call. it was the girl’s dad, who was sitting in his living room with his daughter and the cop. poor girl. now i have a little more compassion on her, but really hope she learned her lesson. we are all fine and so is she, apparently. just an accident. accident number 2.
accident number three might not seem like an accident, but it is in my book. i feel like i’m so busy, but don’t know what all i’ve done. does anybody else feel like that? i want to so badly know that i at least try to clean my house and straighten it. i never really feel like it has to be clean for people to come over. we are who we are. but i want to know what it is to be that proverbs 31 woman. ross guthrie says that proverbs 31 woman has muscles in her arms because she totes kids around all the time. that’s very encouraging to me because i am much stronger than i was even two months ago. however, she’s also the woman who gets up before her household does to spend time with the Lord and to do the things that need to get done so that she can take care of her children and husband. anyway, this might not seem like an accident, and i know very well that i am in survival mode because of new little isaac, but i really long for this. all i can do is what i know TO do…read my bible consistently, and actually have a love relationship with my first husband, Christ. i do have to say that since isaac has been here, my bible reading has been sporatic. however, i feel like even now, Christ is convicting me. both kids are asleep, isaac doesn’t have to eat for at least 15 more minutes…don’t worry about the dishes and laundry. go read. i encourage all of you to do the same. a lot of my friends are feeling like they have to be status-quo and that status-quo is that you have your house clean, no toys out, and that you are all things to all people. sometimes that’s not possible. i’m learning to live in my means as i know how. and i’m learning to take one day at a time. i say all of that to say that my no-blogging might continue for a while. but please do check back, and please let us know who you are.
i hope this post hasn’t been too harsh. it might have just been a journal entry for myself, and that’s ok. i want to be more transparent and i want people to know that i don’t have it together. it’s just my life and how i live it. we wish you all the best for 2009. we pray for God’s blessings on your life…there’s already so many things that have happened this year for a lot of our friends and for us and there’s so much to look forward to. my prayer is that you will take this and go read your Bible and decide what you need to do to get the “more important” things done in YOUR day. love to all!!

and just because i can’t resist…dillon got a hat just like daddy’s for Christmas! he LOVES to wear it!

and this is how much our boys love new york and their aunt jen jen, even though they have yet to be there. however, they will visit someday (along with mommy!)


One thought on “accidents

  1. Janie, I wanted to you to know that I LOVE you and I LOVE your honesty and transparency here. You handle what the Lord has given you with grace, even when things are chaotic. My friend Addie read this post and talked to me about it, and I know that she was REALLY encouraged by it as a mom who works full-time outside of the home and struggles to spend adequate time with her husband and 2 yr. old daughter and keep the house up, etc. Thanks for posting this!!I love you!!

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