new things

dillon is doing great these days!! he is rolling ALL over the place. he is getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. he is making all kinds of new sounds. and he is eating real food. no more making baby food!!! one of my friends has just written a great blog of how to make your own baby food if you are interested. here is her blog. making baby food was great at first, but it just got really really old. so, i’m really excited that dillon is eating off of our plates, or eating a turkey and cheese sandwich in really little pieces all taken apart 😉 he also had his first hot dog yesterday, and he loved it, which is pretty great, considering how much ben and i love hot dogs. i know, if you think about it too long, you get grossed out, but we love them! dillon also has his two bottom teeth!!! he won’t keep his mouth open long enough for me to get a picture of him, and everytime we try to look at them, he sticks his tongue out. little stinker 😉 here’s a few pictures and videos to show how big dillon is. the last video is of dillon and petey playing together. they are going to be best buds. dillon thinks petey is hilarious! we can’t wait for them to run around together!

the turkey and cheese “sandwich”

a happy boy!!

the hand on the chest means please.

we also had our first outing to the park. i must say that dillon LOVED the swing. he is a boy after his momma’s own heart!! we hope you enjoy these pics of this adorable baby boy, who is becoming this adorable little boy 🙂

having a GREAT time swinging!!!

the sunset on the way home

he was worn out!!!

we love you!


One thought on “new things

  1. I cannot BELIEVE how much he has grown! He is SUCH a big boy–so grown up! I miss him!

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