fun times when grandpa comes to town!

so, grandpa, also known as ben’s dad, came to visit for a couple of days starting on wednesday. he got to be a part of the normal everyday stuff that we do here at the williams’s household, and also do a few really fun things. i haven’t been able to get any pictures of dillon in the tub yet because usually i take all the pictures and, well, i give him baths, too. SO, i was happy that grandpa got some good pictures of dillon in the bathtub…this is one of my favorites! he LOVES bathtime and kicks and squeals and splashes and everything. notice how ALL the toys are behind him. he scoots toward that end of the tub and all the toys go with him. ha!

then, we got to take dillon to his first ballgame! the diamond jaxx are the minor league team here in jackson and ben and i actually went on our second date there. we only get around to going to 1-2 games a year, and we always have a great time when we do get to go. i think dillon had a good time too, until it was time for his bottle and we couldn’t find hot water. and there was a WHOLE lot going on, so we decided to get home to feed him; however, he did manage to get a ball from the pitcher for a souvenir and grandpa bought him a hat that he can grow in to when he gets a little older.

on our way into the stadium.

dillon’s not too fixated on the game at the moment, but he did have a good time.

the fam at the ballgame!

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