the zoo!

so, i mentioned earlier that my sister and i took our kids to the zoo on wednesday. we had a GREAT time! i only got one picture of dillon, but michael, marie, and luke had a really good time. also, i’m going to post some pics of what a day looks like here at home. dillon is LOVING his exer-saucer. it’s a cool one that doesn’t hurt his legs because it’s attached to his bumbo seat. it’s pretty great. other than that, we have just been really busy and can’t wait for july to get here because we have ONE thing on the calendar right now! and that’s our good friends, the sulateskees, coming to town! so, here’s an update on some things that have happened this month…

the rundown
after we got back from oklahoma, we had father’s day. ben got the best present ever…a hammock! and a mantle clock, but that hasn’t arrived yet
then, that same weekend is when our friends’ adoption was going down, so we were very enthralled with that and praying with them
then, last week was pretty normal…i guess that’s this week…zoo, baby stuff, work, you know. the norm
the weekend is here! and we are so excited! and my family is coming to town this weekend! yea! i’m sure i’ll have some pics to post after this week, especially since zoe and tessa are staying for a week longer than bill and mel 😉

here’s some pics of a day in the life of ben, janie, dillon, and petey

daddy and dillon playing 😉

dillon in the exer-saucer

marie at the zoo 😉 isn’t she adorable!

marie and i with the kamodo dragon

daddy with his boys. this is a nightly occurrence and we LOVE it!
we love you all! come see us soon!

2 thoughts on “the zoo!

  1. The Lees says:

    I love this picture of Ben & Dillon

  2. that last picture is just precious!

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