st. louis!!!

hello to all, and so sorry for the long periods of time between posting these days! i (janie) have started a new job. i’m working at euphoria salon and day spa as their receptionist 3 days a week. the owner has been my stylist for 11 years and i did this job for her when i was in college. well, she has just bought a new building downtown (very cool) and she needed some help again! so, i’m working and taking dillon with me which is a huge blessing. this summer, my sister, lili, will be back in jackson, so she will keep dillon for one day a week and i’ll keep her kids one day a week while she works at their church, cornerstone community church, so dillon will be getting some quality time with his cousins who are here for the summer! everything with ben’s job is going well. he is actually doing another VIP mag this month. they lost their designer and of course called ben, whom they knew they could count on 😉 so, he has been busy with that for the past couple of weeks, and it will actually take us to nashville for a few days in a couple of weeks.
enough about boring stuff! onto the fun stuff! my parents treated us to a weekend in st. louis at the end of april. it was SO nice. see, my family used to meet once a year in a random city and the men would go to a baseball game and the girls would take care of the kids and go shopping. as there got to be more and more kids, it got to be harder and harder to get together and since everyone was so busy, dad decided that he would take matters into his own hands. he bought a pujols package so that he could go to two games and each child and their spouse could go to a game as well. while the spouses were at the games, mimi and papa would keep the kids! how great is that?!?! so, mom and dad decided to go with us to keep dillon. dillon slept in their hotel room and they let us go out to eat on friday night while they took dillon to cracker barrel. then, the next morning, we went downtown, ate breakfast at the st louis bread company (aka panera bread…we really wish we had one here!!!), and mimi and papa enjoyed dillon at the arch while ben and i enjoyed the cards beating the astros in the bottom of the 9th!! it was so great! they beat them 4-3 and there was almost a fight, which added to the greatness of everything. ha! so, here’s some pictures of our fun weekend.

us at the arch

pre-game fun

our seats were great. prime homerun spots, but there weren’t any hit to us that day 😦

i’m excited!

ben’s worried…are we going to win?!?

yea! we won!!

the cards celebrating.

dillon was exhausted from all the excitement!

when we got home, we had a squirrel fiasco that made ben nervous (and me nervous) and we decided that ben should patch up all the holes where we had started work. so, this is his wonderful job on the laundry room! we did lose the curtain that was hiding the washer/dryer, but that just means we get to put a real wall up soon! yea! and the squirrels are gone, i think 😉 i’ll fill you in if you want details later.

and how could i not put this picture up? i mean, he’s ADORABLE!!!!!!!! he’s getting so big and we’re so proud of dillon. we also had an ultrasound for baby #2. there is only one baby #2 which i’m very thankful for 😉 and the due date is either decemer 3 or december 5. my birthday is on december 4. so, that’s probably when this little booger will come out. ha! we love you all and thanks for putting up with all these pictures.

5 thoughts on “st. louis!!!

  1. janie dillon is so big and so cute!!! I just want to kiss those cheeks!!!

  2. jenny says:

    It’s good to see you bringing up your child(ren) in the righteous path of the STL Cardinals….just kidding, but no really…Love the pictures- Dillon is getting cuter everyday, but that’s what people who are born in December do their entire lives anyway. :)I was in Jackson a few weeks ago and it’s nice to see the Columns have more than just, well, the Columns. 🙂

  3. The Lees says:

    I love Dillon’s sweet face!

  4. The Lees says:

    That is so funny! Jackson always loves looking at pictures of “Baby Dillon” They would have a blast together! Hope to see you guys sometime this year!

  5. melanie says:

    where are you????? we love to hear from/about you!!! got to see some pictures of that sweet, sweet boy!

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