bug-a-boo blog!

good morning to all! i have been working very hard on slings and the bug-a-boo concept. i have just created a bug-a-boo blog. it’s called slings-and-things.blogspot.com. please check it out often for new fabrics and products, as well as opportunities for parties and purchasing. thanks to everyone who has bought a sling so far and please continue to spread the word! we love you!


One thought on “bug-a-boo blog!

  1. Janie-I have a GREAT idea for marketing bugaboo products!!!I read this blog called “DesignMom” regularly and every week or so, she gives away some really cool mommy-type giveaways and links to their websites. TONS of people enter the giveaways, so this could give your website A LOT of traffic. Maybe you should contact her (Design Mom) and offer to give some things away. Let me know what you think. Here is her blog address: http://www.designmom.com/her email is on the right…check out her giveaways. I’mm excited about the new business(es)mel

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