tornado videos

i’m sure that all of you know about the tornados that came through tennessee last week. it has been one emotional week for anyone related to union university in any way. i found two videos that are pretty amazing and show some great pictures that capture, as much as they can, what happened on tuesday. from these two videos, you can see a lot of other videos that students have uploaded.

we do serve a strong and mighty God. i also want to ask you to pray for ben’s family right now. his grandma romines (mom’s mom) is not doing well at all. she went into the hospital over Christmas first and was then moved to a transitional care facility. for the past two weeks, she has been so sick and has fought all that she can fight for her life. she is on full time oxygen right now and the doctors asked her if she wanted to go back on the vent and she said no. they also asked her if she wanted to be resusitated if it came to that and she said no. please please please pray for ben’s mom as she watches her mother go through this and pray for ben and i as we decide what we need to do from here. also, our good friends julian and sheila williamson received some bad news last week about sheila’s mom. she has inoperable and untreatable liver cancer. sheila is an only child, so she is having to make a lot of decisions right now about what to do for her family. the doctors gave her mom 2-4 months. please be in prayer for all of this. we feel as though the past month has been one of tragedy and not one of happiness. we’re ready to be happy again. our hearts are heavy and we don’t know how to pray or how to feel comfort. however, we do know that we serve an amazing God who is more powerful than we will ever know. thank you for your prayers.


2 thoughts on “tornado videos

  1. i’m so glad that you guys are okay from the storms. how scary! we will definitely be praying for you guys through this trying time. what a fitting time for God to have blessed you with such hope in the form of child. i know i see the comfort and faithfulness of our Creator in my little Liam’s face as well 🙂

  2. Heidi says:

    Janie,check out my blog for your meme

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