praise God

as many of you know, jackson was hit with some terrible storms this week. union university (where i went to college and where both of my folks work) is almost destroyed. the Lord is so faithful as no one was seriously injured and no lives of students were taken. that is amazing as most of the damage was done to the dorm rooms where all of the students were. please continue to pray. i haven’t gotten out to see the damage yet, but am planning on venturing out today, hopefully. here is a link to some great photos taken my matthew elia, a student from union and a christ community person. please continue to pray as this is going to be a huge project on the university and the community as they strive to get things as much back to normal as possible for these students.
on the other hand, dillon is GROWING! he has begun to roll over from his stomach to his back and he is so smiley and laughy all the time. i had him going last night and this morning as got ready for bed and got dressed this morning. please enjoy some of these. we would love to see you so please come see us soon!
oh, by the way, we are fine and safe. there was no damage to our house or cars or us, or to my parents’ house or cars or them. praise the Lord! HE is so faithful!
oh, and dillon slept for 8 hours last night! YEA!!! hopefully, he will keep doing that so i can sleep for an entire night! wouldn’t that be GREAT!?!?!?!

what’s goin on?
precious baby!
he’s so big!
i love everyone!!


3 thoughts on “praise God

  1. Janie you have a beautiful son!!! I cant wait to see you guys.

  2. Cutie-pie. :)YAY for 8 hours of sleep!!

  3. ten things tuesday is for those who aren’t yet ready for the intensity of thirty things thursday. (or don’t have as much crap as me) haI think you are cool…but I miss you.

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