nothing to blog

well, we have pretty much just hung out the whole month of january. dillon is asleep in my arms (even though i know that’s not babywise, but i LOVE this little boy!) dillon and i got to go to sikeston, mo, to visit aunt g and uncle ricky (i’m stealing lee’s name for william because i think uncle ricky is funnier ;)). we had a GREAT time. glenna and i have been bffE for ten years. i’m so thankful that we’ve remained friends who pick up right where we leave off even though we don’t live in the same town anymore! we really wish the marshalls lived closer…like down the street. maybe someday they will πŸ˜‰

the tankersleys (janie’s sister and her family) have been here since dillon was born, but they are heading back to louisville today. last night, marie was having a really good time with the hamper and dillon. we are really going to miss them, but know that it won’t be long until we get to see them again. other than that, ben is just working like a dog at vip and on his freelance work. thanks to everyone who is sending him work. God truly is providing for us and we are so thankful! we would love to see everyone soon! peace of Christ to you all!

edit: i just realized i used the same picture of dillon as in a previous post! i guess i really like that picture!!


3 thoughts on “nothing to blog

  1. That’s one cute baby you’ve got there!I really like the way William looks holding a baby. :)I’m SO glad you came! I was super sad when you left!Love you!!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! Dillon looks so big. how sweet. As far as baby wise, you know i love baby wise BUT, it doesn’t hurt to hold him. They are only that small for a little time. love you sister. hannah

  3. Alicia Beth says:

    Awww Janie! Look at those big eyes of his πŸ™‚ Ya’ll look great and hope you’re doing well

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