ben makes one helluvan elvis!!!

well, we had one happenin’ party on saturday night! thanks so much for everyone who made it awesome! also, for those of you who don’t know, ben turned 30 on december 29. well, since we had a newborn and family had been in for awhile, i decided to throw him a surprise party this past weekend instead of on his birthday! he had NO idea! not even with all the cars out front! we decorated the house with record streamers and gold happy birthday garland along with (of course) the bust of elvis from tom!! it was absolutely awesome!!! we’ve decided that this might be ben’s only surprise party…at least for 10-20 more years :). we finished off the night with pictures of “elvis” (we’ll see if you can figure out who elvis really is). here’s some highlights from the night!

the cupcakes that cindy, cilla, and rachel made.

ben’s reaction when he saw everyone!

cilla and kathy with the king…the were scared.

stefi and sarah havin a good time.

mimi and papa givin elvis some love

one team trying to come up with 6 degrees between ben and elvis

brian and cindy with elvis…cindy did shake her pelvis.

me and my king 😉

ben had a great time with me and these pictures. everyone was scared to get their picture taken after that 🙂


One thought on “ben makes one helluvan elvis!!!

  1. Oh my goodness!!! Janes what a party!! Looks like you all had fun.

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