dillon is one month old!

(tummy time on daddy’s chest)
well, this past month has FLOWN by!! i can’t believe that dillon is one month old! it seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital. i’ve uploaded a few new pics to picasa and i’m going to share some on here. you can click the link on the right margin to see all of the pictures. we have enjoyed some great times with friends lately. our friend, kathy guthrie, decided last week that she hadn’t had enough holiday parties, so we all got together and played catch phrase and had some junk food that was pretty great so that kathy could get that last fix of holiday cheer ;). it was a blast! then, last night we went to kirby and cilla’s house for some pizza and we had a great time with them and the williamsons. one of the ladies that was there asked me if we had had some good family time since all of our family had gone back home. we have had some great family time and we’re figuring out that dillon loves to stay awake between his last two feedings of the night.

(more tummy time with daddy)

(my granny, dillon, and me. i’m her namesake, and she’s one of the most amazing women i know.)
we are all adjusting well to dillon’s schedule and just keep praying that he continues to do well. several people have also asked about petey and how he likes dillon. he LOVES him. he’s very curious, but he’s also very protective. i’m looking forward to this next month with “chillin’ with dillon” (thanks auntie jen). we hope you are doing well and that you’ll come see us if you get a chance!!

(smiling in the morning ;))


2 thoughts on “dillon is one month old!

  1. AHHH! I cannot wait to meet him next week!! I can’t believe the first time I will see him he will be over 1 month old! I love the smiling picture. I can’t tell who he looks like. He’s a cutie-patootie, though. I’m SO excited you’re coming!!!!!!!! Come whenever you get done feeding him and then we can do whatever we need to do when you get here. I’m SO looking forward to it! LOVE YOU!!

  2. Hey Janes, sorry i have not commented lately. I love you sister and your precious child is absolutely adorable. Thanks for sending me a picture via phone. I love them. I am so glad he is smiling. Isn’t it wonderful. It makes the crying totally worth it. thanks for praying for me by the way. love you hannah

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