boy, are we glad 2008 is here!!!

that title sounds like we had a horrible 2007, when, in actuality, it was a pretty great year! it definitely had it’s ups and downs, but all in all, i think it might have been one of the best years of my life so far. we topped it off with dillon (of course…in case you hadn’t noticed yet…) and family for Christmas, then we rung in the new year at 11:00 because we’re just officially adults! how terrible is that?!!?! but we did have a good time with the atkins and denkers and rachel. it reminded us even more at how blessed we are and how much we hope that the Lord never takes us away from our dear friends.
Christmas was crazy, but really good. we spent a day or two with janie’s family only, then ben’s older sister, jennifer, came into town and tagged along (what a great sport she is…to put up with the myatts!) until ben’s family came in on the 26. and when i say family, i mean his mom, sister, dad, and meri. janie’s brother and his family were still in town, too, so i think it was officially the most family that has ever been in one town for us since we have been married!

everyone was so excited about dillon and once again, it reminded of the incarnation of Christ since mary was feeling the same way that i did and still do with a newborn around this time of year. it’s pretty crazy to think about Jesus coming as a baby. Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning for us this year. it’s been pretty amazing.

dillon is doing so well, too! what a trooper through being on a crazy schedule and all of that! we went to the doctor for his two week check up and he now weighs 8 lbs 10 oz (he’s gaining the right amount of weight!) and he is now 22 inches long! that’s 3 inches in 2 weeks!!! so, we might have a long, lanky boy on our hands!! he is doing so well with his scheduling, too. he’s going at least four to five hours the first stent after we go to bed, then, he goes four more! YEA!!! that’s pretty great for a three week old!! he also is learning about tummy time. he only lasts for about five minutes, but then he is so content with just hanging out with us lying on his back on the floor. he did great meeting all these new family members of his. he also got to be baby Jesus in he myatt production of the Christmas story. it was pretty great.
now we are looking forward to figuring out what normal is with dillon. bw creative is getting off the ground and if you here of anyone needing any kind of design, please send them our way! we’re praying that God would bless your 2008 beyond what you could ever imagine!


2 thoughts on “boy, are we glad 2008 is here!!!

  1. What fun pictures! I miss you! I need to call you soon.

  2. hey janes, i love the pictures. the myatt christmas story looks awsome. what a cool tradition. also, i dont think that the couch could hold any more people. Your family is booming. I love it. your parents are very blessed

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