mud pies, beetles, and fire trucks

well, i’m at 34 weeks and 1 day. this little guy is going to be here before we know it. and ben and i really are just very excited about seeing him. i think that we’re ready to just know him, and i’m kinda just ready to have my body back to normal…not with a huge baby in my belly :). anyway, we also have dillon’s room painted completed. well, i guess it’s not completely done, but all we have left is some doors and trim around the doors to be painted. YEA!!! we’re SO ready!

on other notes, there’s not a LOT going on. i think that some of you knew about kirby’s film and project that ben was supposed to work on. the plans have changed a little bit and we’re actually excited about it…so what’s going to happen is the atkins and the williamsons are going to go to spain in january. the company has decided to have kirby and julian and several others (from spain) to do the pre-production in spain. basically the company is not willing to move the williams (us) to spain, so we can’t go. BUT kirby is still going to use ben in the pre-production. only he will be able to work from home, which dillon and i are very excited about. we are actually pretty excited about all of this and have seen how God has worked and answered prayers even though they have not been answered how we thought they would be. there’s a lot of specifics to that i could explain and i will expalin if you want to know, but it’s way too much to type. so, you can just call if you want to know ;). everything is going well and we are very excited about what Christ is doing in our life. thanks for praying for dillon, the film, and for us. please keep doing so. we love you all!


6 thoughts on “mud pies, beetles, and fire trucks

  1. Kellye says:

    I love that chair with the squares! Great idea for a baby room.

  2. the room is so cute. and you are too.

  3. melanie says:

    janie, you look beautiful! thanks for keeping us updated. we are counting the days. dillon’s room looks great–it will be so fun to have him actually in it! let me know if there is anything i can do from here . . .

  4. you guys are on top of it! the nursery looks great and so do you. i can’t believe how cute you are! anyway, i had to put my blog on private for many unnoteworthy reasons. so email me your email address and ben’s so i can put you on the permissions list. you can just send to thanks!

  5. hey nice maternity clothes 🙂

  6. Janies, oh my goodness, you´re fertile!! hahaha…you lookin´good mama! Well, love the room…super cool. Also, love you and just want to say how excited I am to see you, and hopefully meet little Dillon!! How you doing??

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