9 weeks and 5 days to go!!!!

can you believe it?!?!? we only have 9 1/2 weeks to go!!!! our great friends kirby and cilla gave us a brand new crib today for little dillon, so this weekend, ben and i are going to get his room ready. the last thing that we’ll do is paint, which might or might not get done. but if it doesn’t, it’s going to be ok :). ben’s mom and step dad (brenda and dave) are coming into jackson next weekend. we’re so excited that they’re coming! dave is doing 200% better (if you don’t remember, you can read some old posts…) and we just can’t wait to see them.
keep praying for the film that kirby is working on. it still hasn’t started, but we feel that God is just telling us to wait right now. please be in prayer for us as we seek first the kingdom of God an das we learn what God’s will is for us.
that’s really all that’s going on. petey is good. janie is good. ben is good. God is good to us and He gives good gifts. we pray the peace of Christ on you!


3 thoughts on “9 weeks and 5 days to go!!!!

  1. janes!!!! you look so good. I am so glad you are going to put dillons room together. that is a lot of fun. I’ll am praying for you guys. love you!!

  2. You look great! Did you cut your hair? Looks good! Yay for a new crib!

  3. Melanie says:

    janie, we are so glad to hear you are “good.” we can hardly wait to meet this new guy. hang in there–these can be the long days!

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