26 weeks and counting

well, this picture is about 2 weeks old. i’ve made it into the third trimester and i can’t believe it! this last 13 weeks is going to FLY by!! we’re starting to have baby showers and it’s really exciting. thanks everyone for having them for us!! this is a picture of what my belly looks like if you’re food sitting on our table 🙂
also, ben and i have had some pretty great blessings recently. the movie is still not up and going, but we’re confident that it will be soon. please continuing praying for that. in the meantime, we’re taking advantage of our sunday afternoons ;). this is ben and petey last week…
we hope to see you all soon!! thanks for praying for us!


6 thoughts on “26 weeks and counting

  1. well, what can I say to this? you’re both hotties! ;)x!o!u!

  2. Melanie says:

    yeah, janie. you’re almost there! i hope the time really does fly by (it went fast with zoe, slow as molasses with tate!).love you!

  3. hey girl. love the pics. Not much longer. I cant wait to see you. i hope i get to see your belly in person

  4. Anonymous says:

    Janie I love to see the pictures of you growing.However, that bouncing fetus icon in the top corner is a little creepy.I’m just sayin’…

  5. The Williams says:

    who wrote that last comment?

  6. The Williams says:


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