well, today is oficially mine and ben’s anniversary. although we celebrated this past weekend, i did make ben breakfast in bed this morning ;). we went to nashville for a couple of days and stayed downtown at the union station inn. it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! it’s totally worth it to stay there just to see the room and the inside. we started off the weekend with a trip to qdoba (janie’s favorite)! we love their big burritoes. on saturday, we went to franklin and walked around downtown. we enjoyed lunch at the mellow mushroom (pizza) then drove around looking for a pipe shop, but couldn’t find it, so we went to uptown’s instead (in green hills). (these are my feet after the day in franklin)
then, we went to maggiano’s little italy for dinner that night. i think that all we did was eat this past weekend. on saturday night, after going to border’s, we were driving back to the hotel and our car started overheating. we made it back to the hotel, but sunday we knew we would have to take it to the closest firestone (right down the road). dave was nice enough to take it right in and look at it. in the meantime, we walked to panera (about a mile) and had breakfast with some sunday morning paper reading. then, we decided to walk back. after two hours of sittin in firestone, our car was ready for the trip home! dave was kind enough to give us 10% off and a couple of hoses for free since it was our anniversary ;). thanks, dave! we then finished off the weekend with eating at blackstone brewery (the st. charles porter is ben’s fave) and headed home. we did listen to a lot of this american life which we highly recommend to everyone! happy anniversary to us!!!

here are some pictures of union station. it’s beautiful!! (have i said that yet?)


4 thoughts on “nash-vegas!

  1. ok janes, the pictures are great and i am glad that you had a good weekend. BUT, those feet!!! seriously , is that normal? Maybe its the angle of the picture. How did you keep your shoes on? I love you sister. I am just teasing you. talk to you soon.

  2. I have to say that I have never seen feet like that….you need to put those puppies up!!Glad you had fun…sounds like you ate at some yummy places. šŸ™‚ Happy belated anniv. I thought about you yesterday!

  3. Heidi says:

    The last pic is my favorite…you guys are awesome. I am glad you had a great weekend to celebrate!!

  4. I am so glad you two had fun!!! Isnt maggiano’s so great?! Janie- your poor feet, my word.

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