i’m trying to work with our layout. i did something last night that i’m not sure i can fix…so bear with me and we’re going to have the coolest layout ever pretty soon 🙂 (no offense to you other bloggers…)
much love!


4 thoughts on “tweeking

  1. can we talk about how you misspelled “tweeking”?

  2. The Williams says:

    no, cause i don’t care…ah hahahahahahahahahaha!

  3. you’re silly! but i still love you!

  4. Janes, you are a cute pregnant person. It is so fun to be proud of a belly. No other time in your life can you do that. I remember comparing my belly to other pregnant moms at babies r us. I would always think “im farther along that you are”. Im such a dork. Its all the estrogen that makes me that way. love you, hannah

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