Ephesians and the Sermon on the Mount

ok, it’s been about 6-7 months (if not longer than that) since ben went to our pastor and asked him about a situation he was in. Dennis said “Read the Sermon on the Mount everyday for 30 days and you’ll have your answer.” well, this is never the answer that you want from anyone, but you go into knowing that the Lord is going to show you things that a person couldn’t tell you because it’s in scripture and you can’t argue with scripture. SO, when ben started reading this, we had MULTIPLE people come up to us at the most random places asking for money, i had some things at work to happen where i needed to love and turn the other cheek instead of judging, and i ran into some families that i could’ve judged immediately, but God said wait. also, in the process of what turned into several months of studying the Sermon on the Mount, a guy started coming to our house asking for work for money. well, ben is SO GRACIOUS and much more compassionate than i am, and he ALWAYS found something for our friend (i’ll call him greg) to do around the outside of the house. whether it was pulling some branches to the curb or cleaning out our gutters, all greg wanted was $5 to get him some dinner. well, greg recently moved to paris, tn, and i never thought i would say this, but i miss him coming to the door, knocking really loud, petey going C-R-A-Z-Y and having to hold him down while ben went out and found something for greg to do. please pray for greg that he’s ok in paris. thanks!
now, how all this relates to Ephesians, you might ask, came about in a strange way. my book study (yes, janie williams is in a book study…i know it’s amazing!) is reading a book by watchman nee called Sit, Walk, Stand and it’s just really slapped me around. it talks about how you have to sit first in your salvation and Christian life instead of just going and doing immediately. well, i’m a fixer, and i like for everyone (even if i don’t know you) to be happy. well, this is impossible to do, and i’m realizing that more and more everyday. so, the 3-5 chapters of Ephesians talk about walking along side other believers (i think it actually starts in chapter 2.). lately, i have been overly focused on myself because of the baby. and although it is an answer to prayer that we’re pregnant, that doesn’t mean that i have a “one-up” on everyone else. so, i encourage you today to turn the other cheek, walk the extra mile, and go the distance for your brothers and sisters in Christ. and if you’re not a believer, i urge you to look for this in Christians. i pray that we show you that we don’t judge, that we will walk beside you no matter what has happened in the past or where you’ve messed up. Jesus never leaves our side. we shouldn’t leave each other’s sides as a body of Christ. and it’s my new venture to NOT judge, to walk the extra mile, to not worry about what’s fair or not fair, but to simply trust that God IS sovereign and He does everything for a reason and sometimes just for a season in your life. i also urge you to read Ephesians and the Sermon on the Mount for a month everyday. it’s amazing what will happen. Peace of Christ to everyone.


5 thoughts on “Ephesians and the Sermon on the Mount

  1. I love this post!I’ll respond to your email later today when E. takes a nap.Love you,g

  2. hey Janes, thanks for your words today. What an encouragement. I needed to hear that. love you, hannah

  3. janie sue,I need some clarification please, isn’t the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew? Maybe there’s two?? I want to take your challenge, but I want to read what you are wanting me to read. love’ems.

  4. Ooo, I like the layout!

  5. Very inspiring Janie. Thank you.

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