a fun day at the park

before all of the wonderful, green, yellow stuff appeared ALL OVER tennessee, ben and i enjoyed a picnic in the park with petey. we like to take him to north park in jackson to the soccer fields on sunday (when no one is there) and let him run loose. he ALMOST got away a couple of times, but he learned some new tricks that day, like lay down, and bring it to me. good times with the peter williams. 🙂

we also want to echo brian’s congratulations for our great friend ben hickey! HE’S ENGAGED!!!!! (just in case you hadn’t heard). he and Pepo will be married this summer in Ethopia with a reception/party in the states. we are SO excited for them and wish them the BEST!!!!
There’s not a whole lot else going on. we did halfway finish our sunroom and i love to sit and talk to my friends, ben loves to read in there, and it’s just nice. we painted it a cream yellow color. anytime you want to come and sit with us, feel free!


4 thoughts on “a fun day at the park

  1. amy says:

    very pretty sun room!

  2. I’d love to see the yellow room next time I’m in town. It looks great–love the color!

  3. Heidi says:

    It’s looking SO great!!!

  4. Hey Janes, what i would not give to see your yellow room. I’d settle to see any room in your house right now. I miss you guys and wish you were here or i was there. However i really like my obgyn and would rather have the baby in louisville. Also, I loved seeing pics of petie at the park.(say that five times fast) love you guys, hannah

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