work and other stuff

well, i’m at a weird spot right now. i started a new job about a month ago. i’m pretty caught up on all paper work. so, what is there left to do when 6 out of 9 girls are gone (5 of which are the other full-time employees) and i’m still learning?!?! it’s such a weird feeling and also kinda liberating. anyway, i’m looking forward to tomorrow because i have many home visits and i love meeting my new little kids. i hope a couple of them are babies. we’ll see.
on another note, ben and i had a wonderful time in st. louis! we recommend going to anyone who needs to get away for the weekend. there are so many little nooks and cool little spots. we didn’t even go downtown and we had a great time. not to mention, we got to see sumo wrestlers perform! bet you weren’t expecting that! anyway, we had a blast. i haven’t downloaded any of my pictures yet, but once i do, you will definately see them. not much else is going on with us. we hope everyone is doing well and would love to see you soon! come visit us!
p.s. if you want to see a great video, go to my ethan and kristen’s blog, and watch the ok go video. they will be on tour with death cab for cutie later this fall. that would be a fun show.


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