ok ok ok ok ok

so, several people have been really sad that we’re not continuing this blog at this time. SO, i decided i would post! 🙂 ummmmm, so i started a new job on monday. i LOVE it. i’m working for TEIS and it’s an early intervention service that goes into homes and works with parents and their kids to try to get them on target developmentally. so, if anyone is having a baby soon, i’ll let you know how your baby is doing. good times.
VIP is going really well for ben right now, too. they are starting VIP memphis this september and, needless to say, ben is going to be very busy. but they just hired someone else, so that is also very good! 🙂
our house is coming along as well. we hope to have the kitchen completely done, everything painted, the half bathroom finished, and some other random things by december. it feels really good to be getting some things finished on our house. we love our house so much. it means a lot to us and we can’t wait to continue using it to have bible studies in and continue raising our little family in it. ummmm, i guess that’s about all that’s going on. here’s a picture of us if you’ve forgotten what we look like…hehehe…i’m sure you haven’t.. we love you guys!


One thought on “ok ok ok ok ok

  1. yay! I’m glad your back in the bloggosphere! Less than 80 days now!

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