Our awesome nephew michael

this is going to be a short post about our nephew, michael. the other day, my sister, lili, was at home with her kids. michael, who is now 3 1/2 (i can’t believe it!) was playing a “song” on the piano for her. when he’s playing the piano, he always says “isn’t that g-a-orge-ous?” he has a very southern accent already. God bless him! anyway, so, he was playing a song and lili said “who taught you that?” michael said “uncle ben rickys!” then, after thinking for a minute, he realized that ricky (william marshall) is not the same as williams, our last name. so, then, he said “i mean uncle ben williams!” i thought you might enjoy that ricky! michael might be a genius before the day is over and he might already be smarter than i am…well, maybe not 🙂 hope everything is going well with everyone. when i get home, i’ll post a picture of sweet michael. love to all! 
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2 thoughts on “Our awesome nephew michael

  1. Janie,This is SO cute! Lili also told us about this when we saw her in Greensboro. It made William smile! I got to play with Michael some the night we hung out with them in Greensboro. He was too funny. Those are cute pics of him! And thanks for the compliment! Including the weight I lost over the illness (yuck!) I think I’ve lost about 13 pounds, so hopefully it’s finally showing up!I’m calling you tonight!

  2. you need to update this thing, girlie. -g-

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