Good times and Sad times

Hello, all. It’s been awhile since we have written anything and we know that more people would probably look at our blog if we updated more, but we wanted to share some of our pictures with our friends on here. I (Janie) have really realized the value of friendship since Ben and I got married. It has been a real adjustment as far as getting to know the other ladies at our church and feeling a good connection with them, and also realizing that God has plans for everybody that might not always include me. Right now, a lot of my best best friends have moved out of Jackson. I have had to trust the Lord with all that I am to know that everything is going to work out. These first pictures are of Leah Cashion’s going away party on Friday night. Leah is moving to Denver, CO to pursue greater things that God has for her that can’t be accomplished here. We love Leah so much and will miss her so much. But, we pray God’s blessings on her new life in CO and with Joe. The crazy one that looks like little monks are actually little baby monk salt and pepper shakers. You can ask for a story on that later. I love our friends and Ben and I are so thankful for them. I hope everyone enjoys these pictures and thanks for everyone’s friendships that aren’t in the pictures.
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