sorry so late

hello to everyone. we hope that you and yours had a very wonderful holiday weekend. ours was very relaxing. we didn’t go anywhere, but had lunch with my family then dinner with some friends from church. it was great! we ate a lot of turkey and everything, too, along with a homemade pumpkin cheescake that is the best thing i’ve ever put in my mouth before! anyway, we finally figured out an easy way to post pics, however, we have to do them one at a time. i don’t like that at all, so if anyone wants to offer any advice, we’d greatly take it. there’s not a lot going on with us. we’re still striving for christmas break (for janie) and working through a few more productions before christmas. i just wanted to say hi. i hope everyone has a blessed day and that we hear from you soon!


One thought on “sorry so late

  1. TandM says:

    Hi guys! I’m guessing that you have the recipe for the much touted pumpkin cheesecake! Does sound delish! Also wondering how petie is coming along. Is he keeping you awake all night?Love you guys, Happy Birthday Janie!!!!!

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