so, i’m sure as many of you have heard, jackson was swarmed with tornado warnings and watches all day yesterday. i knew it was going to be a rough day teaching and so at about 1:15 (during my planning period) i heard a siren. i walked outside and didn’t hear it, but then i walked back in and heard the sirens again. after that, my principal comes over the intercom and says “teachers, please move to your safe places…we’ll be fine, but move to your safe place.” i ended up with a homeroom in the girls’ handicap stall with 19 little 3rd graders and a substitute teacher. crazy! kids were crying and then some were fake crying. we ended up with all students in the hallway, and sirens going off for 2 more hours. i talked to ben at about 3:00 wondering if everything was ok in jackson. he said it was, but then jackson took a little bit of damages from wind, and milan did the same. however, i didn’t leave school until 4:15ish (when i normally leave at 2:55) and turned onto the highland exit from the by-pass to hear sirens going off yet again. they went off straight until 5:15. i finally made it to vip and my awesome husband. we then drove to kirby and pricilla’s house where we had breakfast for dinner and one of the best times ever. brian denker (without cindy because she’s in germany…she comes home friday though!), ben hickey, jon jones, melissa gruver, and jenny johnson. it was a blast! what real community is all about and why we love Christ Community Church. anyway, all of this to say that we are safe, and that life is normal, because we got countertops in our kitchen today!!!!!!!!!!! they are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!! we can’t wait to have people over for dinner. not everything’s connected yet, but it should be by the end of november!!!!! we CANNOT wait! (can you tell we’re excited!!!) anyway, love to all, and i hope to see some of my friends that have moved and are moving away from j-town this holiday season. merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! (maybe it’s a little early, but we’ve been listening to Christmas music since October…we’re ready!)


2 thoughts on “Tornados

  1. Fiona says:

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  2. Hey I’m right there with you on the Christmas music–a “Jazzy Holiday” is what I’m currently streamlining on the radio here on the ‘net. Hey–I’ll email you a nice long email soon. I promise–things are busy and I have a hugely busy day tomorrow. But I will!!!!! Love you!!glenna

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